"She knows that Heimdallr's horn is hidden
under the heaven-bright holy tree.
A river she sees flow, with foamy fall,
from Valfather's pledge.
Understand ye yet, or what?"

Poetic Edda, translation: Benjamin Thorpe

Project Heimdallr

A tool for real time Keyword Spotting in phone conversations.

The Heimdallr project is funded by the Romanian Government through the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), programme "Experimental demonstration project (PED) PED-2016", project ID: PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-1974, contract number 229PED.

What is KWS

The keyword spotting technology (KWS) enables the detection of word occurrences in audio or video streams. The detection consists in computing a score for word utterances. When the score exceeds a threshold, the time window in which the word is detected is stored. The result of KWS is a list of word occurrences.

KWS advantages

KWS requires less resources than Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and can be easily integrated in embedded systems. Furthermore, KWS works better in low resolution / noisy audio files.

KWS functionalities

The area of application for KWS is given by developing more complex functionalities starting from the base functionality. The KWS can follow the utterance of a specific word or a specific set of words in any or given order by time line aligning the results obtained by searching a set of words in the same audio stream. On the other hand, each word or combination of words can trigger an action like record the occurrence to be later use or start a specific task.

"For silence I pray all sacred children,
great and small, sons of Heimdallr.
they will that I Valfather's deeds recount,
men's ancient saws, those that I best remember"
Poetic Edda, translation: Benjamin Thorpe

KWS applications

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"Himinbiörg is the eighth, where Heimdallr,
it is said, rules o'er the holy fanes:
there the gods' watchman, in his tranquil home,
drinks joyful the good mead."
Poetic Edda, translation: Benjamin Thorpe

Our Team

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"Mim's sons dance,
but the central tree takes fire,
at the resounding Giallar-horn.
Loud blows Heimdall,
his horn is raised; Odin speaks with Mim's head."
Poetic Edda, translation: Benjamin Thorpe


And after all this work...